Dawn Chorus Walk

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On Saturday 22nd April 2023, 27 keen bird watchers assembled at the Kymin car park at 7am for a dawn chorus walk. The walk
was led by John Wilson from the Glamorgan Bird Club whose encyclopaedic knowledge of all aspects of ornithology proved very valuable on this rather cold but dry morning.
At the outset, we were welcomed by a number of wrens singing their unmistakable and remarkably loud call, considering their tiny size. We then ascended into the wooded area behind the Kymin house and spotted around a dozen species of bird, none of which were especially unusual (see the list below) although, of course, it was
encouraging to see what seemed to be a reasonably healthy number. It was also very helpful and informative that John was able to identify a particular bird species from its song, as this is a much more difficult and less well-known feature than purely visual determination.
A bird walk accompanying John often produces a notable surprise. In this case, this occurred right at the beginning when we spotted what looked like two pigeons perched close to each other, high in a tree behind the house. Closer inspection however, and quick confirmation by John, revealed that there were in fact a pair of amorous sparrowhawks.  Very notably, John then told us that he had never seen such a thing involving Sparrowhawks!
We ended the walk by a slow meander, bird watching as we went, up to the church for the usual tea and cakes, which were most welcome.
Species seen: sparrowhawks; woodpigeon; wrens; house sparrows; goldfinch; starlings; blackbird; carrion crows; great tit; bluetit; herring and lesser black-backed gulls; dunnock. A few tail-enders lagging behind up Church Avenue, spotted a collared dove in an adjacent garden.
We also heard a nuthatch and robin and a blackcap.
Many thanks to John Wilson for his usual depth of knowledge, dispensed as ever in a most civilized and understandable fashion, to Margaret Knight for the organisation, posters and cake, and to Tricia and Marion for the teas and welcome at the church.

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