Ship Owners of Penarth

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About 80 people came to the Parish Hall on Thursday 14th December to hear Alan Thorne give an illustrated talk on the Ship Owners of Penarth, their homes, interests and wealth.

Wine and mince pies were on offer before the talk.  We heard about the many ship owners who lived in Penarth, some owning just one ship and others owning dozens.  Some of these wealthy men also owned collieries and the railways that brought the coal to Penarth Docks as well as the ships that then carried it around the world.

The families often intermarried, some of the best known being the Angels, Gibbs, Corys and Morels.

They built beautiful mansions, such as Dros y Mor and Roxburgh, mostly now demolished with housing estates built on the sites.

It was a very interesting talk and enjoyed by all who were there – as was the wine and the mince pies!


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