Friends of St Augustine’s AGM

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The Friends AGM was held on 25th February 2016 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

About 50 members attended.

The Presentation copy of the History of the Roll of Honour was on display together with a facsimile copy, and paperback versions available to buy.

There was an amendment to the Constitution specifying that no more than £10,000 should be held in the accounts unless for a specified project.

The new Executive Committee was elected.  Members are:

Tricia Griffiths, Richard Griffiths, Cathy Grove, Linda Guilfoyle, Jane Higley, Judith Martin-Jones, Steve Lavender, Michael Lawrence, Margaret Turner, Chris Williams, Jane Williams and Anthony Reynolds.

After the meeting, Ilse Fisher gave a very interesting illustrated talk on the work of Frank Roper. Examples of his work are in St Augustine’s (the statue of St Augustine and the rail to the pulpit), and in the Parish Hall.


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