Nature Walk

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This morning, 1st August, about 15 people ably led by Rob, Lorna, Lizzie and Catherine from the Wildlife Trust spent a fascinating hour or so in the churchyard investigating the flowers and wildlife just yards from the church building.

Some of us were provided with butterfly nets and there was much enthusiastic sweeping of the long grass by people at both ends of the age spectrum. The result was several different moths, spiders and insects to be identified and recorded. There were some 7 spot ladybirds and a spider that appeared to have only 7 legs found on one of the graves (a new species?).

Catherine had a special sheet for catching the insects shaken down from trees and Lizzie was helping with the identification of flowers and plants.

Checking the reptile monitors produced 2 slowworms (and one not-so-slowworm that got away before it could be picked up). There was also a veritable feast of ant eggs for them to eat. (Slowworms are not snakes but are legless lizards). Rob showed us one of the slowworms that had regrown her damaged tail (why can’t we do that!).

This was a very interesting morning and we look forward to the report on the wildlife the Trust is producing for us.

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