Sacred Wales Competition

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St Augustine’s has been shortlisted in the National Churches Trust ‘Sacred Wales’ competition.

This is giving people a chance to choose Wales’ favourite church or chapel.  On 13th July there was a meeting at The Cornerstone in Charles Street, Cardiff (formerly the Ebeneser Chapel) for the launch of this competition.

There were three speakers.  The first was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff, The Most Reverend George Stack.  The Roman Catholic Church now owns The Cornerstone and it has been renovated and refurbished to create a beautiful meeting place which is available for all types of events.

The second speaker was Huw Edwards, the well-known broadcaster.  He made several points:

  • We should cherish and promote the history and heritage of Wales and this includes the very important religious background of the country.
  • Our religious buildings are varied in size and style and include some of the most beautiful in the world. We should be proud of them and seek to preserve them.  However, they must also be sustainable and should be used by the local communities as much as possible.
  • Visiting church and chapel buildings and finding out about their history can be part of a very enjoyable day out.
  • Religious buildings are much-loved and valued by the local communities but it is important not to become too sentimental about them. There is often a need to choose between the important and less important buildings.
  • We must defend the heritage of our religious buildings and the Welsh Government must be committed to protecting them.
  • Volunteers are needed to help care for the buildings. Ask for help.
  • He ended by saying “The religious heritage of Wales belongs to all of us. So let’s celebrate it.”

The aim of the ‘Sacred Wales’ competition is to publicise the church buildings of Wales and bring them to the attention of a wide section of the public.

The Chairman of the National Churches Trust, Luke March, then spoke briefly, urging us all to vote for our favourite church or chapel.

There are 50 buildings to choose from and you can see them all on the ‘Sacred Wales’ website.

To reach the website go to and then follow the link to

Voting is open until 31st August 2017, so have a look at the buildings on offer and vote (preferably for St Augustine’s!)

The winning church or chapel will be announced on 28th September and the winner will receive a ‘Sacred Wales’ – ‘Cymru Sanctaidd’ trophy and a cheque for £500.

Unfortunately St Augustine’s didn’t win.  The winner was Morriston Tabernacle Chapel.

Thank you to all who voted for St Augustine’s.

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