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On 12th August 2015 the Friends left Penarth a little before 9am to visit Horton-cum-Studley and Keble College, Oxford, to see two Butterfield churches.  The buildings were very different.

The church of St Barnabus at Horton-cum-Studley is a small country church and Keble College Chapel is a large, very ornate building.

Our first stop was to see St Barnabus, a welcoming country church immediately recognisable, both inside and out as the work of William Butterfield. Unlike St Augustine’s the polychromatic brickwork, using locally produced bricks, is used outside as well as inside the building. There is a very unusual WW1 memorial which has recognisable pictures of 12 men who died in the conflict.

Keble College and the Chapel also features the typical Butterfield brickwork.  The chapel is a magnificent riot of colour with mosaics depicting stories from the Old and New Testaments on all the walls.  As a final reminder as you leave the Chapel you see a depiction of the Last Judgment.

Attached to the Chapel is a small side chapel containing Holman Hunt’s remarkable painting The Light of the World. 

We were back in Penarth at 7.30pm and most of the party went on to round off the day with a meal at the Glendale.

This was a very interesting and enjoyable day.



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