Wales and the First Air War 1914 -1918

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20 people gathered in the Parish Hall on Saturday 26th May to hear Jonathan Hicks talk on Wales and the First Air War 1914-1918.

We heard of the development of aircraft during that time and the difference in attitude between the British and German military chiefs to the importance of fighting in the air.  The aircraft also flew reconnaissance flights often regarded as boring by the pilots.

Jonathan told the stories of some of the Welsh men who served in the Royal Flying Corps (which became the Royal Air Force on 1st April 1918) including John Otto Boole who is remembered on the Roll of Honour in St Augustine’s.  He also highlighted the often forgotten women who served in the WRAF which was formed at the same time.

We also heard of some of the German air ‘aces’.  The famous, or infamous, Red Baron, Baron von Richthofen was given a full military after being shot down by the British.  He was described as “our gallant foe” and his skill and bravery was recognised by those who were his enemies.

This was the third talk Jonathan has given about the First World War. They have formed an important part of our commemoration since the conservation and rededication of the Roll of Honour in 2014.

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