Penarth Footprints

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On Saturday 25th August 2018, 35 people gathered in the Parish Hall to hear local historian Alan Thorne will give a talk on people who have lived – and left their footprints – in Penarth.

Alan started by telling us of the Neolithic people, the Romans, the Vikings and the Celtic saints who came to Penarth and set up their homes here.  The Normans then arrived and left their mark on the area.

When Penarth became a significant town with the building of the docks and the coming of the railway a number of people who were prominent in local, national or international life lived here.

Among them were publishers including Lascelles Carr, the owner of the News of the World and  ship owners, many of whom lived in the houses on Marine Parade and Plymouth Road.

The engineer Mark Brunel lived on Grove Place for over a year and regularly travelled around the area.

The composer Dr Joseph Parry lived in Penarth for many years and worshipped at Christchurch.  The brewer S. A. Brain also lived in Penarth.  Both men are buried in St Augustine’s churchyard.

The actor Ray Milland (born Alfred Reginald Jones in 1907) was for a time a Penarth resident.

These are just a few of the people whose footprints we follow as we walk around Penarth – and leave our own footprints for those who will follow us.

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